The eco-responsible, international Montessori school of Versailles is located west of Paris in the Yvelines Region (78). It welcomes children from 2 ½ to 6 years old, including the entire Montessori kindergarten.


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Integrated in the daily life of the child, the pedagogy reveals each individual’s needs. In simple terms, a school where the child is of utmost importance, with the goal of assisting him/her in his/her personal enrichment.

Our environment

The Versailles Montessori school is located in a 225 square meter building, that is completely furnished, with a 100 square meter court. Gradually, we are setting up an urban vegetable garden using permaculture. These projects are also part of our environmental awareness program as an eco-responsible school.

Where we're located

Our Montessori school is located just 600m on either side of the Versailles Chantier and Porchefontaine train  stations. It is also located at the exit of the N12, thus easily serving the towns of Vélizy-Villacoublay, Montigny-le-Bretonneux and Plaisir.

Our characteristics

English and French mother-tongue teachers, all day

One adult per 6 children

An urbain garden in permaculture

Workshops in Russian, yoga and introduction to music



Eco-friendly, international Montessori School in Versailles
Complete renovation of the school
Eco-friendly, international Montessori School in the West of Paris
A healthy outside premise
Eco-friendly, international Montessori School in the West of Paris
Large classrooms
Eco-friendly material, international Montessori School
The desire to transmit kindness


Montessori school - elementary
Montessori school - elementary


école Montessori internationale éco responsable élémentaire
école Montessori internationale éco responsable élémentaire


école montessori bilingue versailles yvelines 78 activités
école montessori bilingue versailles yvelines 78 activités


Our Montessori school accepts new memberships all year long!


Montessori pedagogy is above all a philosophy, a way of perceiving the child. Indeed, we consider it as an actor of its own construction.
The objective is then to allow the development and expression of one’s potential, thanks to an adequate environment and respect for one’s personality.

Thus, the essence of Montessori education is based on the development of each child in all its dimensions: physical, social, intellectual and emotional.
Not having the same needs at the same time, our schools allow him to be the master of his own development through selected experiences.

École Montessori Internationale éco responsable Versailles yvelines 78 Irina Lauvergnat

For an educational program to be considered “Montessori”, it must meet  several criteria. First, at a minimum, multi-age groups are needed to promote peer learning. Then long and uninterrupted cycles of working time are needed to allow the child to achieve concentration. It is supervised by professionals, called educators or assistants, that the child can be accompanied in his/her awakening and learning.

Finally, he/she has access, when he/she wishes, to a complete set of equipment specifically designed and meticulously arranged in a pleasant environment. These four characteristics are recognized as the pillars of Montessori education by the Association Montessori France. Created in 1950, the AMF is affiliated with the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) created by Maria Montessori in 1929.


International Montessori school Carrieres (78) West of Paris Side school

What Is An Eco-Friendly School?

Labels are emerging (AB, Ecolabel), groups are gathering (Colibri, Gretha Thunberg), together with new non-profit associations (AMAP, Oasis). Our school keeps a close eye on

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“Our main concern must be to educate humanity or rather human beings of all countries to guide them and help them pursue common goals. We need to roll up our sleeves and make the child our main concern. The efforts of science must be focused on him/her, for him/her is the source and the key to the riddles of mankind. “

Dr. Maria Montessori, from Education and Peace